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We have just started our journey with the Support Plan feature in the WeCollab Software. We are most excited with the opportunity to address Support Plan goals within a regular WeCollab meeting.

This way, it is not necessary to have a separate Support Plan meeting; we have the ability to update goals as a team on the spot.

Ultimately, we are making the Support Plan the living, breathing document it was always intended to be. Embedding the Support Plan within WeCollab streamlines the process for educators, allowing them to create the optimal learning environment for students in their care.

Grant Gosse, Director of Inclusive Learning

Clearview Public Schools

We have seen a huge shift in school culture towards improved collective efficacy using WeCollab as a structure to follow. This has allowed us to effectively drive data use to enhance our teachers’ skills and improve interventions collaboratively in the classrooms and in our weekly collaborative meetings. We have found excellent improvements in student reading levels each year working with Kurtis Hewson and the WeCollab software. 

Doug Woodbridge, Assistant Principal 

Ekota School, Edmonton Public School Board 



The WeCollab system is integral to our use of the Collaborative Response Model. The software tracks our interventions and student progress. Timely reminders keep us focussed. Our staff appreciates its functionality and ease of use. The support team at Jigsaw Learning are continually upgrading the system and are highly responsive to our needs and suggestions.  

Peter Barron, Superintendent

Clearview Public Schools

The WeCollab software and online support that Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions has created seamlessly augment the collaborative response processes outlined in the text Envisioning a Collaborative Response Model. Our team is capturing critical information about each of our students and the wrap- around support plans that envelop them. Practical student supports and profiles are following our students as they transition from one grade to the next and fostering success for each of them.


John Holmes, Principal 


Kate Chegwin School, Edmonton Public School Board 


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